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Director Credential Renewal Process

A Director Credential issued prior to January 1, 2004, will have an initial renewal date of January 1, 2009, and every five years thereafter. A Director Credential issued after January 1, 2004, will have an initial renewal date after five years and every five years thereafter.

  • The completed application, including all required documentation, must be submitted to the Department of Children and Family Services for review and issuance of a renewed Director Credential Certificate. All applications must be submitted no earlier than one year prior to the expiration date of the active Director Credential.
  • The renewal date will be determined by the active Director Credential expiration date. If a renewal application is received after the Director Credential expiration date, the Director Credential Renewal Application will be reviewed, and if approved, a certificate issued with a five-year expiration date, based on the date the completed Renewal Application, is processed.
  • An individual with an inactive Director Credential (one that has lapsed) is ineligible to be the director of a childcare facility.

Director Credential Renewal Requirements

  • An active staff credential documented on CF-FSP Form 5206.
  • Either 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)* or, based on the date the application is received, three college-credit hours in any one of the following curriculum areas within the last five years:
    1. Overview of Childcare Center Management
    2. Childcare and Education Organizational Leadership and Management
    3. Childcare and Education Financial and Legal Issues or
    4. Childcare and Education Programming or
    5. Coursework completed to renew a State of Florida Teaching Certificate.

    Coursework must be in addition to that required for the original Florida Director Credential.

    *Additionally, any in-service hours, contact hours or non-CEU hours obtained by attending workshop meeting/training sessions will not be accepted for this purpose. Certificates must specifically state the number of CEUs earned.
  • Candidates must demonstrate professional contributions in the childcare field through any one of the following:
    1. Make a presentation or provide training in the field of early childhood or school-age education.
    2. Serve as a validator or adviser for a Florida-recognized accreditation program, a CDA adviser or a school-age certification representative for the FCCPC School-Age Program.
    3. Advocate for an issue in the field of early childhood or school-age education.
    4. Publish an item related to the field of early childhood or school-age education.
    5. Document program improvements by completing a Florida-recognized accreditation program.
    6. Serve as a consultant or mentor to another early childhood education or school age-program.
    7. Participate in an educational research or innovation project related to early childhood or school-age education.
    8. Participate in a creative activity, outside of the candidate's childcare program, relating to the field of early childhood or school-age education.
    9. Serve as an officer or committee member in a professional organization related to the field of early childhood or school-age education.

For information on the VPK Director Endorsement and for requirements regarding experience, visit

Seminole State College is the only facility in Seminole County providing college-credit training for the renewal of the Director's Credential. We offer six credit hours (two courses) for directors to obtain their Advanced-Level Credential. If a director has already obtained the Advanced Level, we offer courses in each of the foundational levels that meet the renewal requirement.

Seminole State offers online and on-site courses that better suit the Director's busy schedule. Classes are small, affordable and readily available. Start your renewal process today!

Seminole State Advanced-Level Director Credential Courses*

  • Financial and Legal Issues in Childcare (EEC2527)
  • Organizational Leadership and Management (EEC2521)

Other Suggested Renewal Courses for Director Credential

  • ARE2002 Art and Creative Expression
  • CHD2330 Heads Up! Reading
  • EEC1000 Child Growth and Development
  • EEC2200 Educational Practices in ECE
  • EEC2401 Families and Communities
  • MUE2010 Music and Movement
  • EEC2930 Selected Studies in Early Childhood Education

* All foundational-level requirements are necessary for the Advanced-Level Credential

Please see the Seminole State course schedule for course offerings at For specific details regarding the director credential renewal, please cal: 407.708.2550.

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