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Choices Planner is a career guidance system designed to help students decide on a career choice. Although it will not tell you what career you should choose, it will provide you with valuable and relevant information that can help you make an informed career decision.

Take an assessment to find the career that is right for you.

  • Interest Profiler: Which careers fit your interests?
  • Work Values Sorter: Connect your work values with careers.
  • Basic Skills Survey: Find out which careers require your basic skills.
  • Workplace Skills Checklist: Which careers match your workplace skills?
  • Transferable Skills Checklist: See how the skills you've learned can lead to new opportunities.


  • Occupations: Get information about the occupations you are considering and search for occupations that match your interests and needs.
  • Postsecondary and Graduate School Databases: Get information on the schools you are considering, search for schools that satisfy your needs, using a variety of search topics, and browse for schools by cross-referencing programs and majors.
  • Work History Database: Use your work history to search for occupations.
  • Scholarship Database: Search for financial aid scholarships for which you might qualify.

Login Instructions

  1. Visit Choices Planner. 
  2. In the "Adults" section, click "Create a new portfolio."
  3. Select the name of your county.
  4. Select Seminole State College.
  5. Enter the requested information to create a portfolio.
  6. After you have created your portfolio, on all future visits, you will choose "Sign In" under the "Adults and Postsecondary" heading and enter your portfolio name and password.