Fine Arts Department

Seminole State College's Fine Arts Department combines instruction with creativity for a truly unique experience. Our programs:

  • Instruct you in history and technique while encouraging creative expression.
  • Parallel the first two years of a four-year degree program, so you can continue your education.
  • Prepare you to enter and succeed in a variety of art, music or theater careers.
  • Offer scholarships to students who meet eligibility requirements.

The following programs are available:

  • The Art Program focuses on visual art in multiple mediums (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.). Seminole State's Art Gallery lets you view professional artists' work and gives you the opportunity to display your art in the annual juried students' exhibit.
  • The Music Program offers programs for performers and educators. Whether you are studying vocal or instrumental music, you are given the opportunity to perform for your peers and participate in one of the College's performing ensembles. Our small classes and dedicated teachers provide one-on-one instruction to help you fine-tune your talent.
  • The Theatre Program offers students a blend of all of the arts. Visual art is used for sets and costumes, and music is used to either set a mood or, more prominently, to progress the story in a musical. The performed plays and scripts are written by some of the greatest literary minds of past and present, and our cast members exhibit their talents through performing. Seminole State's Theatre programs give you the opportunity to participate immediately in a production, and you will benefit from working with professionals through our many local partnerships.

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