Adult High School

The Adult High School at Seminole State College provides a personalized education that stresses the skills students need to achieve their life goals and is the most successful of its kind in the state of Florida. Not only do students graduate, each year more than 10 percent of those graduates qualify for Bright Futures scholarships.

Earn a Standard High School Diploma!

The Adult High School offers the opportunity for students of ages 18 and older to complete requirements for a standard high school diploma.

  • Take classes on a beautiful college campus
  • Enroll in morning, afternoon or online classes
  • Choose a schedule that meets your needs
  • Master needed competencies in an accelerated program
  • Qualify for dual enrollment and earn college credit
  • Qualify for college scholarships

Does this sound like an option worth investigating?

For more information, please call 407.708.2153 or 407.708.2130.

Click here to view the 2014 Summer Schedule.

Transitional Advising Services

Need help deciding on career plans? Transition Services at Seminole State College helps students develop, evaluate and implement their career plans by utilizing Florida Choices, a service that assesses interests and abilities and helps students choose a major or career path. Florida Choices will help create awareness, set priorities, develop career decision making skills and develop plans of study for career pathways.

To ensure success, Seminole State College’s Adult High School also offers:

  • Early College/Dual Enrollment opportunities
  • Computer labs
  • Counseling and advisement
  • FCAT prep classes
  • Friendly, academic atmosphere
  • Online classes
  • Science labs
  • College career preparation through Career Pathways (formerly Tech Prep)
  • Tutoring
  • A year-round academic schedule

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