Bringing Seminole County Together

Expanding Opportunity

Seminole County has a reputation for being an affluent location is Central Florida. This overlooks the many disadvantaged populations and communities in our county challenged by lack of resources, transportation and educational opportunities. It also ignores the fact that these communities are those that have been heavily negatively impacted by COVID-19. These are the communities that have seen furloughs, business closures and job losses and also personal tragedy during the pandemic.

Developing Partnerships

Seminole State has agreements with our founding partners and will be expanding partnerships with local organizations and employers over the coming years. Our partners are organizations that support the health, well-being and economic mobility or our communities and individuals. They include community and support service agencies, local government, and employers large and small. All are intent on removing barriers to entry to postsecondary education and improving the lives of residents of Seminole County.

The Commits program will work to reverse negative impacts on our community. Let’s activate the potential of Seminole County together.
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