Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE)

Civic Literacy Requirement

The State of Florida requires that all students graduating from institutions in the Florida College System (FCS), demonstrate a Civic Literacy Competency. 

Refer to the applicable Seminole State Catalog for further details and a full list of approved options to satisfy the requirement. 

For additional information regarding this graduation requirement, please connect with your Seminole State advisor.

FCLE Testing Information

Seminole State Students are encouraged to take the Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE)  while they are currently enrolled in AMH 2020, or POS 2041, or upon recent completion of these courses.   

There is no fee assessed for this exam and you are allowed to retest as needed every seven days. A passing score of 60% (Raw Score of 48) is required to fulfill this requirement. 

Seminole State College of Florida provides FCLE testing for SSC students only. 

 FCLE Testing for Dual Enrollment Students

Seminole State College offers the Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE) as a courtesy to dually enrolled students. 

  • To be eligible to test, the student must be actively enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program at Seminole State College
  • Dual Enrollment Students must test on campus unless approved for Remote Testing by the Director of Assessment & Testing
  • Students may share their FCLE scores with their secondary school or parent/guardian via their unofficial Seminole State College Transcript or request sealed Test Scores from the Assessment & Testing Department in person

FCLE Preparation Resources

FCLE Assessment Calendar

If your desired campus does not have any upcoming dates available (or they are full), please email testingcenter@seminolestate.edu to place a request. 

Please Note: Due to system maintenance, there is a potential score report delay of up to 48 hours. Plan your appointment accordingly. 

FCLE Virtual Testing

FCLE Virtual Testing is now available for students who demonstrate a need (i.e. live out of the area or are unable to come to campus to test).  Email remotetesting@seminolestate.edu to begin the approval process. If approved you will be scheduled to test approximately two weeks from the date of request. 

Please Note: Subject to availability. Virtual Testing may not be available during peak times including add/drop, mid-terms, and finals. Please plan accordingly. 

FCLE Remote Testing

FCLE Remote Testing is available for Seminole State students through participating FCS institutions including Daytona State College Testing  Center.  

You must complete the Release of Testing Information and FCLE Remote Testing Session- Security, Privacy, and Performance Statement and email them to remotetesting@seminolestate.edu   prior to receiving approval to test.

Please Note: Subject to availability. Remote Testing may not be available at participating FCS institutions during peak times including add/drop, mid-terms, and finals. Please plan accordingly.


Assessment and Testing Center 
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