The Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE)

  • Consists of two test types, the Professional Education Exam (PEd) and the Subject Area Exam (SAE)
  • Are a requirement to earn a Florida Teaching Certificate
  • Are a requirement to teach a specific subject area

What Are the Two Tests, and Which One(s) Should I Take?

The FTCE has two tests. Please read the following descriptions to determine which test you will be required to take.

Professional Education Exam (PEd)

The PEd is a multiple-choice test. If this is your first Florida Teaching Certificate, you must take the PEd Exam, which is used to measure students' knowledge of five content bases, including:

  1. Personal development
  2. Appropriate student behavior
  3. Planning instruction
  4. Implementing instruction
  5. Evaluating instruction.
Subject Area Exam (SAE)

If this is your first teaching certification, or if you are adding a specific subject area to your certification, you will need to take the SAE.

Subject area exams measure content area knowledge for:

  • Degreed academic and vocational subject areas
  • Non-degreed Occupational Specialists

Scheduling the FTCE

How Can I Get More Information About the FTCE?

For more information on the FTCE:

  • Refer to the State of Florida's FTCE Web page
  • Contact your county school district human resources department
  • Call Seminole State's Assessment and Testing Center at 407.708.2020

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