Procedure to Take a FLATs Exam

The following steps outline the procedure for taking a FLATS examination.

  1. Complete the FLATS registration form.
  2. Fill out all the required fields.

Payment of $50 will be due to order the test.

In order to complete registration, we require your payment of $50.00. Please ensure that all information above is correct, then click the "proceed to payment" button below. You are NOT registered until you complete the payment information and check on the next screen. You must complete your registartion at least 10 days prior to the scheduled exam date.

Once the request is saved the student will receive 2 confirmation emails:

  • One regarding payment.
  • Another with information about the test, which includes a password.

Submit a request though TeCO to have the exam proctored with us.

  • Log in to TeCO.
  • Select "Schedule a Proctored Exam".
  • Click on the green box "Create a proctored exam", fill out all the required fields.

The “Requested exam” field should say:

FLATS (desired language) ex: FLATS Spanish
For fields that do not apply put N/A.

The proctor will then be notified by BYU of your request to test at Seminole State (about 2 business days) Once the test is available the student will receive an email asking him/her to contact Seminole State at 407-708- 2394 to make an appointment.

After taking the exam, the student will receive an informal email with a Pass or Fail notification.

The official results will be mailed within 2 – 3 weeks of completing the test, from BYU to the Institution requested

How Can I Learn More About the FLATS Exam?

For more information about the FLATS exam:


Assessment and Testing Center
Email Testing