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Aikido is a modern martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba. After mastering a number of traditional Japanese martial arts systems such as enjutsu, jojutsu, sojutsu, and ju-jitsu, and while actively engaged in profound spiritual training, he created an art through which the practitioner could arrive to balance, peace and harmony.

A number of elements found in this martial art trace far back to the 15th-century Japanese samurai arts. This state can be maintained both with the outside world and within ourselves. It is a way of continual learning and growth. It is not a static art, but places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement. Because it is so effective, it is taught to numerous police and special forces units around the globe. For this reason, and so that its effectiveness is not diminished, aikido is noncompetitive.

This club's focus is aikido, practiced the way it was meant to be. We stay as close to the source as possible. While aikido is increasingly popular, samurai principles are still visible and at work.

All ranks awarded come directly from Hombu Dojo in Tokyo and are accepted at any dojo worldwide.

What is aikido?

Aikido was born from the struggle to answer such vital questions such as: What would I do when confronted by someone physically stronger than myself? How can I overcome the other without using weapons of any kind? Without resorting to foolhardy violence or psychological trickery while retaining the integrity of budo, what is the most rational form of subduing an opponent? How can we devise a defense against someone superior in size, strength and experience?

Aikido utilizes spherical motions in the execution of its techniques. When pushed, pivot and go around; when pulled, enter while circling. This means that one moves in circular motion in response to the opponent, and, while moving spherically, one maintains his center of gravity to create the stable axis of movement. At the same time, the opponent’s center is disturbed, and when he loses his center, he also loses all power. Then he is subdued swiftly and decisively.

The aikido student must devote the major part of his training mastering techniques of spherical rotation and, through constant training, study the basic principles involved. In movement, he or she becomes like a spinning top, stable in the center, never losing balance. Even though the student may not be fully aware of it, the unity of ki-mind-body, which is one with the universe, has been achieved.

How do I start?

Whether you’re just starting at Seminole State or about to finish your degree, all students, staff and faculty are welcome in Seminole Aikikai. The club is open to anyone interested in learning aikido. We are presently located in B-127, the dance studio.

What to wear

For beginners, it is very important that you dress appropriately so that your clothing will not restrict your movements as you start to learn and practice aikido. Comfortable and loose clothing is recommended. Remember not to wear shorts or jeans to practice, and remove all jewelry beforehand. People with long hair should have their hair tied back.

*Note: Aikido is practiced with bare feet; therefore, you will be barefoot throughout the entire practice!

What to bring

No equipment is necessary to attend a Seminole Aikikai meeting. A bokken (wooden Japanese sword), tanto (wooden knife) or jo (wooden staff) will be provided by the club. However, if you find you would like to continue aikido, it is suggested that you obtain your own equipment.

Etiquette and behavior

An attitude of curiosity and respect, along with alertness and common sense, are recommended on the mat.

The more detailed Code of Conduct Manual will be emailed to you once you decide to study.

Meetings take place Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in room B-127. For more information, please email Marshall Bryant, or call 407.708.2460.

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