Seminole State College's faculty is committed to providing excellence in teaching and service. Our nationally recognized faculty lead the way in offering the highest quality educational experience to all Seminole State students. Our instructional efforts are dedicated to the transfer of knowledge as we prepare our students for success in their chosen careers.

Frank Albritton Professor
Susan Bell Professor bells@seminolestate.edu
Doreen Collins Professor collinsd@seminolestate.edu
Jackie Dean Office Supervisor deanj@seminolestate.edu
Gerald Geile Professor geileg@seminolestate.edu
Michael Hoover Professor hooverm@seminolestate.edu
Margaret Jenkins Professor jenkinsm@seminolestate.edu
Baboucar Jobe Associate Dean
Jenny Middleton Professor middletj@seminolestate.edu
Courtney Miller Professor millerc@seminolestate.edu
Kenna Noone Professor noonek@seminolestate.edu
Kerri Smith Professor smithkl@seminolestate.edu
Deborah Warfield Professor warfield@seminolestate.edu

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