Curriculum Sequence

The recommended course sequence for Seminole State College's Respiratory Care Program is:

Prerequisites and General Education Courses
Course #Course NameCredits
ENC 1101*English Composition I3
BSC 2093C*^Anatomy and Physiology I4
BSC 2094CAnatomy and Physiology II4
MCB 2010C^Microbiology4
PSY 2012General Psychology3
XXX XXXXHumanities General Education3
CHM 1032C
PHY 1053C
Foundations of College Chemistry
Physics (Lecture and Lab)
Major Courses**
Fall Term (Term I)
Course #Course NameCredits
RET 1025CPrinciples of Respiratory Care4
RET 1485CCardiopulmonary Physiology4
RET 1275CClinical Care Techniques6
Spring Term (Term II)
Course #Course NameCredits
RET 1874LClinical Practice I4
RET 2350Pharmacology3
RET 1264CPrinciples of Mechanical Ventilation4
Summer Term (Term III)
Course #Course NameCredits
RET 1875LClinical Practice II4
RET 1450CBasic Physiologic Monitoring3
RET 1295CChest Medicine4
Fall Term (Term I)
Course #Course NameCredits
RET 2876LClinical Practice III4
RET 2714CPediatric Respiratory Care4
Spring Term (Term II)
Course #Course NameCredits
RET 2877LClinical Practice IV4
RET 2244Life Support3

Please note: The program manager can help map out a different course sequence for part-time Respiratory Care students.

* Prior to submitting an application to the Respiratory Care Program, all students must have completed ENC 1101: English I; BSC 2093C: Anatomy and Physiology I; and be eligible to enter MAC 1105: College Algebra. Although only three prerequisites are required, more are recommended and may be considered in the selection of applicants. Please meet with an academic advisor to confirm math eligibility.

^ BSC 2010C (previously BSC 1010C): General Biology I is a prerequisite to BSC 2093C: Anatomy and Physiology I and MCB 2010C: Microbiology at Seminole State College.

** Students must be admitted to Seminole State's Respiratory Care Program before enrolling in major courses.


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