Course Sequence

The two-year Physical Therapist Assistant curriculum begins each August and spans five consecutive terms. The first two terms consist entirely of classroom learning, while the final three terms consist of full-time clinical internship experiences (40 hours per week) as well as didactic classroom learning. Students will complete their full-time clinical internships in a physical therapy department and will receive supervision from an on-site clinical instructor who is either a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant.

The following courses are required to enter and/or complete Seminole State's PTA Program:

Corequisite and General Education Courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
ENC 1101 or ENC1102 English I or English II 3
BSC2010C or Gen Ed Science General Biology I or General Education Science 4
BSC 2093C Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BSC 2094C Anatomy and Physiology II 4
MAC 1105 College Algebra 3
XXX XXXX Humanities General Education Course 3
Any Psychology/Sociology Course 3
Total: 24
Core PTA Courses
Term 1
PHT 1000 Introduction to Physical Therapy 2
PHT 1120 Functional Kinesiology 3
PHT 1120L Functional Kinesiology Lab 2
PHT 1200 Basic Patient Care 2
PHT 1200L Basic Patient Care Lab 2
Total: 11
Term 2
PHT 2224 Therapeutic Exercise I 1
PHT 2224L Therapeutic Exercise I Lab 2
PHT 1213 PT Principles and Procedures 3
PHT 1213L PT Principles and Procedures Lab 2
Total: 8
Term 3
PHT 1801C Pre-Clinical Practice I Integration 4
PHT 1800L PT Clinical Practice I (Internship) 4
Total: 8
Term 4
PHT 2310 Orthopaedic Disabilities 3
PHT 2228 Therapeutic Exercise II 2
PHT 2228L Therapeutic Exercise II Lab 2
PHT 2810L PT Clinical Practice II (Internship) 4
Total: 11
Term 5
PHT 2162 Neurological Disabilities and Treatments 4
PHT 2162L Neurological Disabilities and Treatments Lab 2
PHT 2931 Trends in Physical Therapy 2
PHT 2820L PT Clinical Practice III (Internship) 4
Total: 12
Degree Total: 74

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