1.0001, Manual of Procedures

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64 F.S.; 6A-14.0262 FAC; Rule 1.020 Revised 3/1/94; 5/03; 10/09


To provide a procedure for adopting, amending, and/or deleting procedures of the College.


A Procedure is a process that ensures compliance with a particular Statute, Rule or Board Policy, or assures quality in student learning or service delivery. In this procedureA the term "revision" will be used to include revisions and deletions.

  1. The College Manual of Procedures contains management information used to assist students, faculty, staff, and administrators in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Authority for procedures is contained in applicable chapters of the United States Code, Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, and the College Policy Manual.
  2. A committee or any member of the College faculty or staff may recommend a new procedure or a revision to an existing procedure. A draft of the new procedure or revision to an existing procedure should be forwarded to the originator's department level supervisor. The originator's supervisor should work with the originator to review and refine the draft, if necessary, and forward the refined procedure to the Vice President for the area of the College to which the procedure pertains.
  3. Upon receiving a proposed procedure or change to an existing procedure, the Vice President with responsibility for that procedure will review the proposal with the Executive Team.
    1. If the proposal is rejected, it will be returned to the originator with reasons for rejection. Suggested modification to the procedure may be requested and reviewed with the originator. The originator, upon receipt of rejection of the proposal, may request reconsideration by the Executive Team. Such request will be made to the Office of the President along with the reason(s) for the need of reconsideration.
    2. If the proposal is accepted, the following steps will be taken:
      1. The Vice President will send the proposal to the Office of Legal Affairs to be formatted and assigned a number conforming to the sequence found in the College Manual of Procedures.
      2. The Office of Legal Affairs will see that the proposed procedure is published on the college website for two consecutive weeks for faculty and staff comments. A twenty-one (21) day period beginning on the first day of publication will be allowed for comments.
      3. Comments will be sent to the Office of Legal Affairs to incorporate faculty and staff comments and then send the revised draft, in final form, to the Executive Team for approval at its next meeting.
      4. After final Executive Team approval, the procedure will be sent to the President for signature. With the President's signature, the procedure will then become "approved" and shall be published on-line in the College Procedures Manual. The original copy of the signed procedure will be kept on file in the Office of Legal Affairs.

In emergency and unusual circumstances, the President has the authority to adopt, amend, or delete a procedure without following the process outlined herein.


Process to Adopt Procedures


Recommended by Executive Staff Date 10/09
Approved: President, E.Ann McGee Date 10/09

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