Making a Panopto Recording Using a Computer

Setting up your computer and the Panopto recorder

Computer Setup

  1. Plug in your USB webcam and/or USB microphone to your computer.
  2. If you are recording your computer screen or a PowerPoint, open PowerPoint and any website or computer tools you will be using.
  3. Open Panopto and follow the Panopto setup below. If Panopto is not installed on the your computer, then
    1. Log in to Panopto for Seminole State
    2. Click the Download Panopto link located in the upper-right corner below your name.

Panopto Setup

Primary Sources

  • Folder: Choose the folder to record in
  • Name: Provide a name for the session
  • Video (optional): To use the camera, select it from the drop down menu. (eg. Logitech WebCam)
  • Audio (required): Select your desired microphone. (You may see multiple microphones depending on the hardware that is connected to the computer. eg. Microphone - Samson)
  • Quality: Choose either High or Ultra
  • Capture Computer Audio: Check this box if you are playing YouTube or other videos on your computer

Secondary Sources

  • Capture PowerPoint: Check this box if you are recording a PowerPoint
  • Capture Main Screen: Check this box if you are using your computer to show any on-screen demonstrations, videos, Mimio drawings, or PowerPoint (as a back-up)
  • fps (one time): Move the slider to the far right
  • kbps (one time): Move the slider to the far right
  • Apply (one time): Click Apply after you move the sliders


  • click Record to start the recording
  • click Pause to pause the recording
  • click Stop to stop the recording