Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017
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College rises in 2013 CC Week rankings

Seminole State is No. 15 in the nation in the number of graduating students who earn A.A. degrees, according to Community College Week's annual Top 100 list.

Seminole State College of Florida has moved up on Community College Week’s  annual list of the Top 100 producers of two-year degrees in the nation.

The Top 100 list, published June 24, ranks Seminole State No. 15 in the nation for graduating students who earn Associate in Arts (A.A.)/liberal arts degrees. This is up from No. 20 last year.

The magazine’s rankings are based on 2012 National Center for Education Statistics for the 2011-12 academic year and represent approximately 5,000 institutions that confer degrees and certificates.

Seminole State is ranked No. 33 (up from No. 44 in 2012) for the total number of associate degrees awarded and 13th among colleges offering four-year degrees. A total of 2,811 associate degrees were awarded at Seminole State in 2012, a record.

A total of 2,811 associate degrees were awarded at Seminole State in 2011-12, a record and a 32 percent increase over the previous academic year.

Dr. Mark Morgan, associate vice president of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, says there are two key factors for the increase: rising enrollments and an increased focus on completers.

“Seminole State has a number of initiatives underway to help students finish their degrees – and the initiatives are proving successful,” Morgan says.

In other categories, Seminole State was ranked:

  • No. 31 for certificates awarded
  • No. 43 for associate degrees awarded to all minority students
  • No. 44 for associate degrees awarded to Hispanic students
  • No. 52 for associate degrees awarded to African-American students

Details can be found on Community College Week's website.

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