Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017
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Five Adult High School grads earn scholarships

From left: Benjamin Lord, Erin Fletcher, Sara Wainwright, Stewart Oliva and Brandalynne Payne.

Five outstanding Adult High School students were presented scholarships to continue their education at Seminole State College of Florida during the School of Academic Foundations Graduation on Thursday, April 26.

  • Erin Fletcher, of Geneva, received the District Board of Trustees Scholarship. Fletcher will start classes this fall toward her Associate in Arts degree. Her long-term goal is to become a doctor.
  • Benjamin Lord, of Sanford, received the Robert J. Schmidt and E.S. Douglas Scholarship. Lord plans to pursue his love of physics and chemistry at Seminole State as a steppingstone to an eventual doctorate in the sciences.
  • Stewart Oliva, of Sanford, received the Nana and Herman Klein Scholarship. He will start classes in the fall for his A.A. degree. His goal is to become a surgeon.
  • Brandalynne Payne, of Sanford, received the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Good Student Incentive Award plus a scholarship from the Foundation for Seminole State College. Payne intends to study nursing with a focus on pediatrics and physical therapy.
  • Sara Wainwright, of Sanford, received the Blue and Gold Award from the Foundation for Seminole State College. Wainwright will start classes in the fall and plans to become a chiropractor.

A total of more than $15,000 was given to the recipients. The scholarships were funded by donations to the Foundation for Seminole State College and allow the students to transition from the Adult High School program to Seminole State’s college-level degree programs.

Seminole State’s year-round high school program, which is free for those who qualify, allows students to earn a high school diploma in a nontraditional setting. For more information, please call 407.708.2153 or visit the Adult High School homepage.

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