Friday, Sep 21, 2018
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A guide to the name change

As of Sept. 21, 2009, Seminole Community College became Seminole State College of Florida. The change is effective immediately. However, the College will be in a period of transition for the next few months.
Before the end of the year, you should see a new Web site and a new Seminole State logo. We've prepared a guide to address some of the questions that are being asked:
What do you call us?
SCC is now officially Seminole State College of Florida. If you want to shorten the name, use Seminole State. We are no longer known by initials.
Why a name change?
In January 2009, the State Board of Education approved the College's proposal to offer our first four-year degree. The College chose a new name to recognize its status as a four-year college. Thirteen colleges in the State College System offer four-year degrees, and all of them have changed their names.
Why Seminole State College of Florida?
The new name honors the College's past while reflecting its path to the future, which will include its traditional open-door access for two-year degrees and the availability of baccalaureate degrees. 
I'm a graduate; what do I put on my resume?
Graduates will be able to use Seminole State, Seminole Community College, or both, on their resumes. We suggest you use "Seminole State College of Florida (formerly Seminole Community College)" until the new name becomes more familiar. The College has awarded 31,578 associate degrees and 26,532 certificates in its history.
I'm a student; what will my diploma say?
Diplomas for students graduating in December will say Seminole State College of Florida.
Will the College's e-mail address and URL change?
Yes. An announcement will be made soon about the new URL, and there will be a short transition period.
Is the College getting a new logo?
You'll see a new logo in the next few months.
Are employees ordering new business cards, letterhead, etc.?
We are going to phase into using the new name on materials throughout the College.  Existing supplies and materials should be used until depleted. We are encouraging employees to update their voicemails and the signatures on their e-mails with Seminole State.
How soon will signs be replaced?
The renovation of the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus spurred the decision to change the College's name now. The renovation includes extensive new permanent signs, which makes it more cost effective to implement the change now. Those signs should be installed in early 2010. Signs at other sites will be phased in over time, using existing state funding.
Is Seminole State's mission changing?
No. Seminole State will maintain an open-door admissions policy for associate-level degrees, workforce education programs, adult education and all other postsecondary education and career degree education that responds to the community's needs.
Will the mascot change?
No. Go Raiders!   
For more information on the name change, please visit

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