Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017
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Seminole State Fire Academy ranked among top 5 in the nation

More than 90 percent of Seminole State’s fire science students have achieved certification on the first attempt at the state exam.

The Seminole State College of Florida Fire Academy has been ranked in the top five nationally by FireRescue1, an official partner of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC).

FireRescue1 recognizes the importance of helping aspiring firefighters find the best fire academies to meet their job goals. To do so, they compiled a list of the five best academies for firefighters in the United States based on requirements to enroll, the cost and the program length.

“Success here at Seminole State College’s Fire Academy comes from the dedication of our professional staff, advisors and fire instructors who continuously challenge our cadets to be prepared to serve their community,” says Jim Jollie, program manager for fire science at Seminole State. “Students are pushed physically as well as mentally for the rigors of emergency response. A major goal for us it to see them become an asset to their crews on the first day of their career. We demand excellence in our academy, for we recognize the cadets we train today will be the leaders of tomorrow.”

More than 90 percent of Seminole State’s fire science students have achieved certification on the first attempt at the state exam. A course grade of 80 percent is required to successfully complete the class and receive Firefighter I and II certification in the state of Florida.

The $3,000 program cost includes course fees, textbooks, supplies, bunker gear rental, a physical exam and state of Florida bureau of fire standards and training fees. The length of program is 450 hours (22 weeks), and recruits can select day or night classes.

The College's state-of-the-art regional firefighting training center features:

  • A gas-fired Fire Simulation Lab used for structural firefighting scenarios
  • A quad-prop with a 100-square-foot pit, propane and diesel tanks used to simulate many different flammable liquid and gas fire situations
  • A propane-fired car prop used for vehicle firefighting scenarios
  • A four-story training tower used to learn and practice firefighting operations, including hose work, forcible entry, ladder work, and search and rescue operations
  • A roof prop used to practice ventilation operations
  • Smart classrooms with Wi-Fi throughout

Seminole State has been training Central Florida’s firefighters since 1973. The College has the only certified training center in Seminole County. The fire science programs, through the Center for Public Safety, are fully accredited by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST) and supported by local fire departments and the Seminole County Fire Training Directors' Committee. For more information, please visit the Fire Science website.

FireRescue1's mission is to provide firefighters with the information and resources that make them better able to protect their communities and stay safer on the job. The FireRescue1 Network includes more than 300,000 registered firefighting professionals.

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