Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017
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Alumni Profile: Giving back to Seminole State is goal for alum, family

Josh Murdock was a nominee for the Seminole State College Alumni Association's 2017 Distinguished Alumni award.

For Josh Murdock, you might say that Seminole State College of Florida “runs in the family.” Growing up just five minutes from the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus, both his mother and father worked for what was then known as Seminole Community College. So when it came time to apply for college, it was a pretty easy decision. He had grown up in and around the College; it was close to home; and he liked the small class sizes and individual attention he knew he’d receive at Seminole State.

Murdock had worked hard in high school and was the recipient of a 2 + 2 scholarship from the University Club of Orlando, affording him the opportunity to attend a state college for two years and then a university for the following two years. He enrolled at Seminole State in 1997 and pursued an Associate in Arts degree. After graduation two years later, he enrolled at the University of Central Florida, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in public administration. He also went on to earn a master's degree in educational leadership for higher education and a second master's degree in instructional technology with a graduate certificate in e-learning. 

While attending Seminole State, Murdock was an incredibly involved student. He was a member of student government both years he was enrolled at the College; he served on the state student government association; he was involved in student leadership activities; and he also wrote and took photos for the student newspaper. He worked as a tutor in the computer lab, too. In fact, even after he graduated from the College and was enrolled at UCF, he remained an employee of Seminole State, working in admissions and educational services.

“In the smaller state college setting; you feel like you have more of an impact.”  
                                                                             - Josh Murdock

Murdock, who today serves as instructional designer and developer as well as an associate faculty member at Valencia College, credits his roots at Seminole State for igniting the fire in him to serve at the state college level.

Josh Murdock, now an associate faculty member at Valencia College, credits his roots at Seminole State for igniting the fire in him to serve at the state college level.

“In the smaller state college setting; you feel like you have more of an impact,” he says. “I enjoy engaging with the students and teaching faculty, and I can see that we’re making a difference.”

When asked who his greatest influence was while he was attending Seminole State, he didn’t hesitate to mention Randy Pawlowski, who worked in student activities and helped to build the student government and leadership programs that still exist today at the College. 

Today, Murdock and his family hope to give back to Seminole State students and staff, too. A few years ago, Murdock’s father – who had worked in maintenance at Seminole State for more than 18 years – passed away. The Murdock family is endowing a scholarship in his name, the Gordon Murdock Memorial Scholarship, to support a current employee or a spouse/child of a current employee who wants to pursue an education at Seminole State.

Recently, Murdock was recognized as a nominee for the 2017 Distinguished Alumni awards at Seminole State College and serves on the Seminole State College Alumni Leadership Team.

When he’s not busy working at the state college level, Murdock has many additional pursuits and interests. He manages his own blog at ProfessorJosh.com, and he also runs a foodie blog with his wife called EatMoreOfIt.com. He’s one of the founders and organizers of the popular blogger and social media conference FLBlogCon, and he’s also one of the organizers behind the EdTech Orlando meetup as well as Startup Weekend Orlando. He has continued to pursue his passion for photography, and his family loves to spend time at the theme parks in Orlando.

Seminole State College Alumni Association: The Seminole State College Alumni Association provides benefits and services for alumni as they continue their lifelong connection with Seminole State College of Florida, providing opportunities for them to network with one another, interact with the student body and support the College. To learn more, visit the Alumni Association website.

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