Sunday, Sep 23, 2018
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Seminole State Student Government Association election results

(L-R) Austin Ludlow, Elizabeth (Betsy) Prokes, Dave Duvet, David Smith, Caleb Hylton, Hiu (Teresa) Chan, Declan Lauren Tully-Tolmie, Erica Vanacore and Carvyn Encarnacion. Missing from photo: Hafsa Karaca and Nathan Carle-McCormick. 

The results are in for the Seminole State College of Florida Student Government Association (SGA) annual elections to fill the seats of president, vice president and secretary/treasurer at all four  campuses. The newly elected officers will be sworn in on April 13.

The SGA student leaders represent the students at their respective campuses and advocate for student needs with the College  administration. In addition, they work closely with the administration to allocate $2.7 million  in student activity and service fees which benefit the student body through programming, clubs and a variety of events.

2017-2018 Student Government Association Elected Officers


President David Duvet

David Duvet sought the office of SGA president because he considers himself to be passionate, hardworking and ambitious. He comes to this position with ample leadership experience including current vice president of SGA at the Altamonte Springs Campus and the current District Two coordinator (D2) for the Florida College System Student Government. His goal is to create student surveys and work with the provost to bring additional classes to the Altamonte Campus. He is going to use his leadership role to listen to students, be their voice, and at the same time reach out as a friend to all students.

Vice President David Smith

David Smith will use his passion, experience, and creativity learned while serving as the current SGA academic support chair at the Altamonte Springs Campus to his new role as vice president. His goal is to enhance student involvement on the campus. “Students have access to a fantastic array of resources and opportunities that they know little to nothing about due to lack of involvement,” says Smith. “The best solution to the problem is to use our creativity to give students interactive events that engage them in unique and unexpected ways.”

Secretary/Treasurer Hafsa Karaca

Hafsa Karaca was very active at her previous university in Turkey. Sadly, the university that she was attending shut down. Learning from that unfortunate experience, Hafsa jumped at the opportunity to take part in student government at the Altamonte Campus. She is an advocate to the privilege of a college education and wants to share her appreciation with other students. “The SGA, in my opinion, is the connection between the officials of the college and the students,” says Karaca. “Some problems may not be directed to the officials so that is why the SGA is there, to be the voice of the ‘regular’ student.” One of Karaca’s goals is to improve the communication to students about activities on campus.


President Austin Ludlow

Austin Ludlow would never have predicted that he would one day run and be elected as a student body President at a college, but he did just that. He credits his experience as a Seminole State volunteer to be the monumental change necessary to develop both his personal abilities and leadership skills. “I viewed student government as a challenge to my gained knowledge,” says Ludlow. ‘To get me out of my comfort zone and become a great leader who can make an impact at this wonderful college.”

Vice President Betsy Prokes

Betsy Prokes ran for SGA Vice President to help increase the visibility of Student Life and improve student involvement on the Heathrow Campus. “With our unique student population intensely focused on their degree program, it is important to offer activities and opportunities for involvement that help elevate and support our professional goals,” says Betsy Prokes. She considers it an honor to advocate on behalf of her fellow classmates in order to affect positive change at Seminole State College.

Secretary/Treasurer Nathan Carle-McCormick

Nathan Carle-McCormick brings a multi-faceted skill set to his new role as SGA secretary/treasurer. Currently the statistician for the Greater Orlando Cribbage Club, Nathan brings a hearty enthusiasm for budgeting and bettering the community to the Seminole State College population. He looks forward to helping enhance the student body experience and at the same time, make a memorable experience for himself, at Seminole State College.


President Erica Vanacore

Erica Vanacore will use her experience as an active SGA activities committee member, to guide her in the exciting role as SGA president on the Oviedo Campus. In addition to handling the majority of on-campus events, she also attended the fall EMERGING leadership retreat, plus served as the community service chair for the Oviedo Campus. Her goal as president is to provide leadership and clear direction to new students. “I wish to help and fully welcome new students; tell them where and what we have to offer,” says Vanacore. 

Secretary/Treasurer Carvyn Encarnacion

As an Economics major, Carvyn Encarnacion looks forward to his new SGA role as secretary/treasurer to gain finance experience with money, budgets, and control of assets. He is a former SGA activities committee member and Active Welcoming Committee chair. “I believe that the Student Government Association has created a friendly environment where everyone can feel welcomed and where you can meet many friends,” says Encarnacion. “When events happen on the campus, every member of SGA, committee or non-committee, have a chance to help with the events or go around and have fun.”


President Caleb Hylton

Caleb Hylton is a second term president. He is thrilled to continue to make a difference in the lives of the students on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. His goal is to ensure that the students continue to stay safe on campus and that SGA performs to the best of their abilities to address the ever-changing situations that students face. “The SGA helps students stay informed, helps motivate students to get involved, and works to ensure that students can continue to work on acquiring their degrees in the most effective manner,” says Caleb Hylton.

Vice President Teresa Chan

As a former marketing chair for SGA, Teresa Chan welcomes her new position as vice president with the hope of increasing student life awareness at the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. “The most important problem at our campus is that not enough students are motivated to join events such as the leadership retreats, club fairs, and even diversity events,” says Chan. “These activities can help increase leadership skills, communication skills, networking, and even help encourage students to reach higher.”

Secretary/Treasurer Declan Laurent Tully-Tolmie

Declan Laurent Tully-Tolmie is proud to be elected as SGA treasurer because he regrets not participating in student government during his high school years. As treasurer, he looks forward to gaining leadership skills, building clubs awareness, as well as meeting students, faculty and staff at the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. “Personally, I feel like clubs are not as acknowledged as they should be around campus,” says Tully-Tolmie. “There is a huge list of clubs that I did not even realize existed.” He suggests that classroom bulletin boards may be one solution for clubs to advertise flyers and posters and attract club members.

For more information, please visit the Student Government Association (SGA) website

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