Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017
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Birthing simulators prepare nursing and EMS students for labor and delivery

Victoria, a high-tech birth simulator developed by Gaumard Scientific, can simulate normal birth deliveries as well as breech and cesarean.

Nursing and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) students at Seminole State College of Florida are now using state-of-the-art technology that creates life-like labor and delivery.

The Victoria Birthing Simulator gives students hands-on experience for birth scenarios.

Victoria, who has eyes that blink and a heartbeat, can simulate both low- and high-risk deliveries, including a vaginal birth, C-section, breech, as well as a post-partum hemorrhage. 

The birthing system is remotely controlled in a separate room by instructors, and the combination of software and hardware allows for the precise control of fetal movements to be in perfect sync with vital signs during delivery.

“We take the students through an entire laboring, birthing, postpartum and newborn care experience and have had very positive feedback. We were finding it hit or miss with some of the experiences in the hospital setting, and now with using Victoria and the standardized patients in the lab, we are able to ensure each student is exposed to all of these experiences,” says, Aimee Littlejohn, professor of nursing at Seminole State.

Graduates of Seminole State’s Nursing Program consistently exceed state and national averages on the NCLEX, the state-required exam that determines whether graduates are prepared for entry-level nursing practice.

The College’s Nursing Program, part of the Ann Wiggins Moore Center for Nursing and Healthcare Professionals, is based at the Altamonte Springs Campus and features state-of-the-art healthcare labs and high-tech patient simulators. To learn more, go to seminolestate.edu/nursing/

The Emergency Medical Services program in Seminole State’s Center for Public Safety offers advanced training in pre-hospital emergency medicine, allowing students to prepare for state licensure as emergency medical technicians and paramedics. For more information, go to seminolestate.edu/ems/

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