Why Legal Studies

Here are a few reasons why students choose Seminole State College's Legal Studies Program.

      • ABA Approved: Our program has met all of the stringent requirements of the American Bar Association.
      • Dedicated faculty: All our faculty have earned a Juris Doctorate degree.
      • Small class sizes: At Seminole State, our classes typically range from 15-25 students.
      • Internships in a legal setting: Our curriculum requires that each student participate in a paralegal internship before graduation to expose students to the practical, day-to-day operations of a real law office or law department of a government agency or corporation.
      • Bachelor's degree transfer opportunities: There are many opportunities for students, including the Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts Legal Studies Program at the University of Central Florida.
      • Strong curriculum: Our courses provide you with strong practical skills, including mock trials and hearings.
      • Innovative courses: In addition to our excellent paper law library, each student has available a wide array of electronic sources for legal research on the computer, including Westlaw and Lexis Nexis. These two courses allow our students to obtain employment as a paralegal and "hit the ground running" when their duties include legal research. They prove their great value to their employer from the first day.
      • Responsive to the needs of students, the bench and bar and paralegal employers
      • Outstanding reputation in the community
      • Fast-paced and demanding curriculum but concentrated on students' needs
      • Helps students accomplish their dreams

      We are absolutely dedicated to helping each student succeed in the law and achieve their goals and realize their dreams for a better, happier, more satisfying and financially secure life. That is our highest priority and our primary job. We are largely successful in this endeavor because we expect and accept nothing less than a student's best efforts, and rarely pass up an opportunity to teach students more about the law and the practice thereof, even when the information may not be directly related to the specific course material for a particular class. This "holistic" approach to teaching has stood our students well in their various jobs. Often, our grads tell us that they discovered that upon taking their first, entry level position, that they know and understand so much more about the law than their fellow paralegal employees, most of whom have been working in the field for several years.

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