PLA 1003 Fundamental Law

Fundamental Law is the first course students should take when entering the Legal Studies Program. It is a beginner-level law class and is structured similarly to a survey course.

In this class, students will explore a dozen or more areas of the law, both substantively and somewhat superficially. While it is a required core course in the Legal Studies Program, it is designed to be considerably less demanding than many other PLA classes. Fundamental Law is fairly popular at Seminole State, and a lot of students opt to take it as an elective. Therefore, Legal Studies students can expect to encounter many students from other disciplines who simply want to develop a better understanding of the law.

For Legal Studies majors, Fundamental Law is a prerequisite for Legal Research and Writing I, a course that is only offered during the Spring Term. Students entering the Legal Studies Program in the fall should take Fundamental Law during their first semester in order to be prepared for Legal Research and Writing I in the spring. 

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