Contract Signature Authority

Per Florida Statute 1001.64(25):

“Each board of trustees constitutes the contracting agent of the Florida College System institution.”

Per Policy 5.090:

1.A. "The District Board of Trustees is the contracting agent of the College."

2.A. "The President is authorized to sign, on behalf of the District Board of Trustees...pursuant to College policy as specified herein."

Real Estate
All other(s) not delegated

Facility Use

VP Financial Services & CFO

Commodities**/Contractual Services***  ($325,000)VP Financial Services & CFO/Director, Purchasing
Professional Services****(↓$35,000)VP Financial Services & CFO/Director, Purchasing
Construction Projects/Electrical(↓$300,000/ $75,000)VP Financial Services & CFO


*President may further delegate to “designee” in any of the above categories.  “Designations of signature authority from the President must be in writing.”  Procedure 5.0900(1)


**  “Commodity” means any of the various supplies, materials, goods, merchandise, food, equipment, information technology, and other personal property, including a mobile home, trailer, or other portable structure that has less than 5,000 square feet of floor space, purchased, leased, or otherwise contracted for by the state and its agencies. The term also includes interest on deferred-payment commodity contracts approved pursuant to s. 287.063 entered into by an agency for the purchase of other commodities. However, commodities purchased for resale are excluded from this definition. Printing of publications shall be considered a commodity if procured pursuant to s.283.33, whether purchased for resale or not.

***  “Contractual service” means the rendering by a contractor of its time and effort rather than the furnishing of specific commodities. The term applies only to those services rendered by individuals and firms who are independent contractors, and such services may include, but are not limited to, evaluations; consultations; maintenance; accounting; security; management systems; management consulting; educational training programs; research and development studies or reports on the findings of consultants engaged thereunder; and professional, technical, and social services. The term does not include a contract for the furnishing of labor or materials for the construction, renovation, repair, modification, or demolition of a facility, building, portion of building, utility, park, parking lot, or structure or other improvement to real property entered into pursuant to chapter 255 and rules adopted thereunder.

**** “Professional services” means those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping, as defined by the laws of the state, or those performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered surveyor and mapper in connection with his or her professional employment or practice.


J. Paul Carland, II
Vice President, Public Policy and General Counsel

Betsy Whittenbarger
Executive Assistant

Julie Overstreet
Manager, Risk Assessment, Environmental Health, Safety & Compliance

Jonathan Squires
Associate General Counsel

Seminole State College
Office of Legal and Government Affairs
100 Weldon Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773-6199