Florida Statute 447.509

447.509 Other unlawful acts.— 

(1) Employee organizations, their members, agents, or representatives, or any persons acting on their behalf are hereby prohibited from:  

(a) Soliciting public employees during working hours of any employee who is involved in the solicitation.

(b) Distributing literature during working hours in areas where the actual work of public employees is performed, such as offices, warehouses, schools, police stations, fire stations, and any similar public installations. This section shall not be construed to prohibit the distribution of literature during the employee’s lunch hour or in such areas not specifically devoted to the performance of the employee’s official duties.

(c) Instigating or advocating support, in any positive manner, for an employee organization’s activities from high school or grade school students during classroom time.

(2) No employee organization shall directly or indirectly pay any fines or penalties assessed against individuals pursuant to the provisions of this part.

(3) The circuit courts of this state shall have jurisdiction to enforce the provisions of this section by injunction and contempt proceedings, if necessary. A public employee who is convicted of a violation of any provision of this section may be discharged or otherwise disciplined by his or her public employer, notwithstanding further provisions of law, and notwithstanding the provisions of any collective bargaining agreement.

History.—s. 3, ch. 74-100; s. 162, ch. 97-103.

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