Leagues and Tournaments

Intramural and Recreational Sports Program is open to all currently enrolled Seminole State students, as well as faculty and staff.

Visit Seminole State's IMLeagues page
Visit Seminole State's IMLeagues page.

Students can sign up for leagues by visiting Seminole State's IMLeagues page. If you have any questions about our program or how to get involved, stop by the Intramural Office on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus (SC-Building, 2nd floor), or email Nicholas Bullocks.

Summer Term 2018 - No Programming 

Fall Term 2018 Schedule of Events

Intramural sports offering for the Spring Term are listed below. Items listed in bold are league sports.

  • Fall Into Recreation
    • TBA
    • Location: Outside buildings C and L (Sanford/Lake Mary)
    • Come sample the various sports and activities we will be offering this semester with a week filled with fun games such as; Kan Jam, basketball, flag football, soccer and more!
  • Zombie Run (Dodgeball- with a diabolical twist) 
    • October- TBA 
      • Location: Meet at Student Center
      • Get out and play with your fellow Raiders & Raider Zombies as we host a fun-filled afternoon of apocalyptic mayhem on campus!
    • International Soccer Tournament 
      • Fly, run, jump,cruise, we don’t care how you get here, just make sure you mark our IM Field on your maps and represent your favorite country by signing up and joining the battle of International Soccer students from home and abroad. Display your skills in this week of fun filled events and ending with a tournament on Friday or Saturday.  Sign up now online/ mobile app- IMLEAGUES 

      • *Registration Deadline- Date/Time: TBD 
        • Date/Time: TBD 
          • Locaton: Intramural Field (Sanford/Lake Mary)
      • Bocce Ball
        • Stop by for a few minutes before or after class and see if you have what it takes to win at this classic ancient game played in the Roman Empire. A modern twist on traditional bowling, your goal is to get your bocces as close to your pallino (bullet in Italian, small white ball) as possible to to score points and win! Sign up now online/ mobile app- IMLEAGUES
        • Registration not required 
        • Wednesday, Date/Time: TBD 
        • Location: Outside Student Center (Sanford/Lake Mary)
      • Billiards
        • Join the game room staff as we host or bi-annual, 8-ball styled pool tournament. Students will compete in our single/ double elimination tournament challenging novice and amateur opponents alike. Have what it takes to keep your soldiers alive? Sign up now online/ mobile app- IMLEAGUES 

        • *Registration Deadline - Tuesday, November 20* Walk on's may be accepted day of.
        • Date/Time:  Wednesday, November 21 @ Noon & 4pm
        • Location: Game Room (Student Center, Sanford/Lake Mary)
      • Table Tennis
        • Join the Game Room staff as we host our bi-annual, ping pong tournament. Challenge your friends and fellow Raider foes alike as you compete in a fun filled afternoon of back and forth, paddle smacking action. Are you in it to win it? Sign up now online/ mobile app- IMLEAGUES- LIVE LONG, PLAY PONG

        • *Registration Deadline - Tuesday, November 13* Walk on's may be accepted day of.
        • Date/Time:  Wednesday, November 14 @ Noon & 4pm
        • Location: Game Room (Student Center, Sanford/Lake Mary)
      • Oviedo Bowling (Halloween Theme)
        • Show off your style and skills at this exciting Halloween themed bowling night. Dress to impress and join our spooky costume contest, where we assemble a panel of judges to select the best dressed/ most creative, spookiest, and presentation. Tons of prizes will be given out, and lots of spooky fun will be had! Ghost over to IMLEAGUES and sign up now online/ mobile app!
        • *Registration Deadline: Not required but requested for pre-registration
        •  Date/Time: Thursday, October 25 @ 8:30pm- Midnight
        • Location: Oviedo Bowling Center, 376 E Broadway St., Oviedo, FL 32765
      • 7 v 7 Flag Football
        • Flag up or give up. Whether you’ve never played a game of football in your life, or your just trying to get out and have fun, look no further than our flag football league. Take on other students from all campus as teams of 7 v 7 clash in an all out battle of flag football in this fun filled 4 week regular season league and see if you have what it takes to join the ranks of our all time flag football legends and bring home the gold. Sign up now online/ mobile app- IMLEAGUES

        • *Registration Deadline - Wednesday, September 12
        • Mondays & Tuesdays, September 17 - October 10
        • Location: Intramural Field (Sanford/Lake Mary)
      • 5 v 5 Basketball
        • Do you play pick up ball at the outdoor courts with your friends? Why not let us help you make those hard calls! Sign up for 5 v 5 outdoor basketball and compete against your friends as we officiate the games. Log online to sign up now online/ mobile app- IMLEAGUES

        • *Registration Deadline - Wednesday, September 12 
        • Wednesdays & Thursdays, September 19- October 10
        • Location: Outdoor Basketball Courts (Sanford/Lake Mary)
      • 7 v 7 Flag Football & 5 v 5 Basketball Captains Meeting 
        • Between May 15-September 12 * Captains must call /email to schedule appointment (any teammembers are welcome to join and/or take captains place as team representitive)
      • Basketball Skills Challenge
        • Wednesday, October 10 & 11- After Games
          • Location: Outdoor Basketball Courts (Sanford/Lake Mary)
        • Quarterback Challenge
          • Monday & Tuesday, October 8 & 9 - After Games
          • Locaton: Intramural Field (Sanford/Lake Mary)