Guidelines for Requesting a Short-Term Travel Study Program

Full-time faculty members who are interested in directing a short-term Travel Study Program should complete the Request for Short-Term Travel Study Program Form. Requests will be reviewed by the Travel Study Committee based on the following criteria:

  • The program must have academic value.
    • Visiting the site must offer historic, cultural, scientific or social benefits to students. An itinerary should be included with the request form. 
    • Participants must have the option to earn college credit. (Many Travel Study courses already exist in the curriculum.) A syllabus for the college-credit course should also be included with the request form.
  • The program must be marketable to students.
    • The location of the program must be safe and appealing to students.
    • The length and time frame of the program must be convenient for students.
    • The number of programs offered may be limited.
  • The program must be affordable to students.
    • A detailed description of anticipated costs must be included with the request form (airfare, lodging, food, attraction tickets, tips, tuition costs, etc.).
  • The program must be financially viable for the College.
    • Travel Study programs must use commercial educational tours that provide complimentary enrollment for chaperons (EF Educational Tours, ACIS, etc.).
  • The program should present limited risks for the College.
    • Participating faculty must be full-time employees of Seminole State College (required).
    • Participating faculty should have experience traveling abroad (preferred).
    • Participating faculty should have experience traveling with students (preferred).

Applicants are encouraged to review the Travel Study leader job description for more information about the duties and responsibilities associated with organizing and directing a short-term Travel Study Program. Applicants also are encouraged to provide a ranked list of two or three full-time faculty members who can serve as co-leaders for their trip, should the need arise.

Seminole State's District Board of Trustees must grant final approval for all international travel. For more information, email the Center for Global Engagement, or call at ext. 2907.