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Multicultural education through international masters degrees, international centers and study abroad programs.

International Master's Degrees

Obtain an internationally recognized master’s degree among three of the world’s leading schools at less than two-thirds the cost of comparable programs in one year while working.

Luxury Brand Management

Specialize in luxury with an MBA from one of the world's top business schools.

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Study Abroad Programs
Travel abroad and experience your studies from a different cultural perspective.
Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs

Seminole State offers students the opportunity to travel to different global destinations, including Spain, Austria, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, as part of college-credit courses.

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Student Exchange Opportunities

Through student exchange, Seminole State students can study for a semester or more at one of our partner institutions around the world and apply the credits they earn to their degree.

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Double Degree Programs

Earn a bachelor's degree in addition to a degree from Seminole State by spending your final year taking discipline-related courses in English at one of our partner institutions.

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Work-Study Opportunities Abroad

Students can spend a year in Spain working as cultural ambassadors in K-12 schools. Accepted applicants will spend 12-16 hours per week working with Spanish school children, and receive health insurance and a minimum monthly stipend of EUR 700.

Faculty Opportunities

Seminole State believes that sending faculty members abroad to learn about other cultures has a direct, positive impact on students through its Travel Study programs as well as through independent, international programs.

Faculty Opportunities

International Centers

Seminole State is committed to providing a high quality U.S. college education to a diverse student population. To further this objective, Seminole State has launched two new international centers in China (Beijing and Shanghai), where students can take a selection of summer courses and earn Seminole State credit, as well as one center in Salzburg, Austria, where students can pursue a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Management.  Select an international center to view the courses and corresponding syllabi offered.

*Please note that the policies and dates that are applicable to Seminole State campuses in Florida may or may not apply at our international locations.

*It is important to highlight that all courses offered at Seminole State's international centers are equivalent to those offered on our campuses in Seminole County.

The dates of the Seminole State College Summer Porgram in Beijing and Shanghai are June 25, 2018- July 27, 2018

Available Beijing Courses

  • ACG 2021 - Principles of Financial Accounting
  • ACG 2071 - Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • AMH 2020 - United States History 1865 to Present
  • ARH 2051 - Art History II
  • ART 2500C - Painting I
  • AST 1002 - Introduction to Astronomy
  • BSC 1005 - Concepts of Biology
  • CHI 1120 - Elementary Chinese Language and Civilization I
  • CHM 1020 - Contemporary Chemistry
  • COP 2224 - c++ Programming
  • ECO 2013 - Principles of Economics (MACRO)
  • ECO 2023 - Principles of Economics (MICRO)
  • ECO 3223 - Money and Banking 
  • ENC 1101 - English I 
  • ENC 1210 - Technical Writing
  • ENG 2100 - Art of Film
  • EVR 1001 - Introduction to Environmental Science
  • FIN 3403 - Principles of Business Finance
  • FRE 1120 - Elementary French I
  • LIT 2120 - World Literature II
  • MAC 2313 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
  • MAS 2103 - Linear Algebra
  • PHI 1630 - Contemporary Ethical Problems
  • PHI 2010 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHY 1020 - Conceptual Physics
  • PSY 2012 - General Psychology
  • REL 2300 - Religions of the World
  • SPC 1608 - Introduction to Oral Communication
  • SPN 1120 - Elementary Spanish I 
  • STA 2023 - Statistical Methods I
  • SYG 2000 - Introduction to Sociology
  • WOH 1022 - World History Since 1500

Course Syllabi

The following is a list of syllabi for each of the courses to be offered at our Beijing and Shanghai campuses.  Please note that these are the institutional syllabi for each course; individual course instructors will have the final say in determining the course syllabi for their course and will disseminate these on the first day of class. 
* Independent study/ special topics courses equalling one semester credit can be combined with any of the courses listed below and are available for students who require additional course credits
Courses offered at Seminole State in Salzburg, Austria, will begin in Summer 2018, and will be posted soon.