Faculty Spotlight: Kenna Noone-Kirkpatrick

Over the course of her career, Professor Noone-Kirkpatrick has spent considerable time in Central America sharing her expertise, doing fieldwork, studying and leading educational tours with Seminole State College students. Her most recent experiences include conducting research on water in Costa Rica (2006) and Cuba (2007). In September 2007, she was asked to appear on "The Daily Buzz" show on behalf of the Florida Academy of Science as a Mayan expert.

According to Professor Noone-Kirkpatrick, the international accomplishments she holds most dear are working with Seminole State students to build a 3,500-volume library in Coba, Mexico, and starting another library in Tulum, Mexico. She also was able to serve as an international observer of the Mexican presidential elections, and to help La Universidad de Quintana Roo develop the curriculum for its campus in Tulum, Mexico.

Professor Noone-Kirkpatrick received Seminole State's 1998 Pathfinder Award for her work with the Collegewide project "El Proyecto de Mexico: Amistad." She also was a finalist that year for the Florida Association of Community College's Professor of the Year award.