Employment Process Manual, Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviewing is an optional step in the interview process. The purpose of the telephone interview is to provide the committee with an opportunity to learn more about each applicant's education and related experience. It is intended that the additional information will assist the committee in determining which applicants to invite to an on-site interview.

Guidelines for Telephone Interviews

  • The following guidelines are to be followed to ensure an adequate pool and the equal treatment of applicants:
    • The screening committee must decide at the beginning of the search process whether or not telephone interviews will be conducted.
    • If telephone interviews are to be conducted, all applicants under consideration must be granted a telephone interview or none may be granted a telephone interview.
    • Current employees of the College and applicants who live in the local area are to be included in telephone interviews.
  • Twelve to 16 applicants should be selected and scheduled for a telephone interview.
  • All members of the screening committee are to be present for all telephone interviews.
  • The telephone interview should follow a structured format and should allow for follow-up questions as needed.
  • Each telephone interview should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Upon conclusion of all telephone interviews for a particular position, a maximum of six applicants should be selected to participate in a personal interview.
  • Reference checks should be conducted on these applicants prior to extending invitations for on campus interviews.


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