Employment Process Manual, Screening Committees


Responsibilities of the Screening Committee

The screening committee, under the leadership of the chair, will develop guidelines and procedures to be followed during the screening process. These shall include:

  • the general timetable for recruitment, screening and interviewing
  • the written component of the interview
  • core questions to be asked of all applicants
  • the length of each interview
  • the voting process

Screening Committee Size and Composition

The size and composition of the screening committee will vary depending upon the type of position.

  • The chair and/or appropriate administrator will appoint members to the screening committee.
  • Committees for administrative and faculty positions typically range in size from five to seven members.
  • Committees for career service positions are optional, but typically range in size from three to five members. 
  • Positions in grades P10-P20 typically have three-member committees; committees for grades P30-A40 have between three and five members, and five to seven members comprise the committee for grades A50 and above.
  • The chair and/or other appropriate administrator should ensure that appointments will balance the committee with respect to race and gender. 

Hiring Manager

In most cases, the hiring manager

  • should not be on screening committees
  • should not participate in the screening
  • should not participate in first interview phases of the process
  • may explain the charge to the committee
  • should refrain from commenting on or otherwise influencing the process until after finalists have been identified

Exceptions should be discussed with the staffing manager or associate vice president of human resources prior to any committee activity.

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Faculty Positions

The screening committee for a faculty position(s) should have five members (single-campus recruitment) or seven members (multiple-campus/center recruitment).

  • The committee chair may be a department chair or a faculty member.
  • The committee chair may vote.
  • Committee representation should include:
    • Two faculty members (from each campus/center conducting a search) selected for their knowledge of the content area and instruction
    • An individual with management/administrative responsibilities
    • A representative of the Student Services area
    • An individual with knowledge of technology as it applies to the position
    • A representative of the EA/EO committee. In addition, the committee should be representative of the college population.

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Professional and Administrative Positions

The size of these committees will vary and will be determined by the president or his/her designee. Generally, screening committees for professional and administrative positions in:

  • grades P10 through P25 have 3-5 members for professional positions
  • five to seven members for administrative positions in grades P30 and above
  • Each committee
    • Should be balanced according to race and gender
    • Should be representative of the College population
    • Should include an EA/EO representative. Hiring managers need to complete Approval of Screening Committees - HR-200 and obtain approvals prior to submitting the information to Human Resources. 

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Career Service Positions

Screening committees are encouraged, but not required, for career service positions in grades W01 through W09.

  • Hiring managers are strongly encouraged to appoint
    • A three-member screening committee when recruiting for career service positions in grades W10 through W16
    • A committee of three to five members for positions in grades W17 through W28.
  • Each committee
    • Should be balanced according to race and gender
    • Should include a representative from the EA/EO committee.

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Part-Time Positions

  • Screening committees are encouraged, but not required for part-time positions.
  • A paper screening checklist (HR-125) is necessary when reviewing applications. 
  • Contact Human Resources regarding other recommended documentation when recruiting for part-time positions or pool positions.

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