Employment Process Manual, Recruitment

  • The hiring manager or other appropriate administrator will initiate recruitment in accordance with available recruitment options. 
  • Recruitment waivers for faculty, administrative, career service and part-time positions must be approved by the vice president and, generally, will only be granted in the following instances:
    • when a pool of applicants already exists from recruitment efforts conducted no more than three months prior and the recommended applicant competed for the position
    • when a current temporary employee, who previously competed for his/her position, is recommended to that same position for regular employment
    • when the position to be filled is a temporary assignment of six months or less
    • when the appointment is an interim appointments made by the vice president

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  • The position description must be reviewed by both the hiring manager and the hiring manager's supervisor and submitted to HR Compensation and Employment prior to obtaining budget approval and posting. 
  • When the required Budget Approval and Position Description have been obtained, the position will be advertised.
  • Unless an exception is approved, all administrative, professional, technical and faculty vacancies will be advertised for at least four weeks.
  • Career service and part-time vacancies may be advertised for at least one week internal only or two weeks internal and external.
  • Vacancies will usually be advertised through appropriate internet job sites, professional organizations and other means to attract a diverse applicant pool.
  • Hiring managers are encouraged to provide HR employment with suggestions and requests to advertise through alternate sources (i.e. specific trade journals).
  • Applicants  (including current employees of the College) for all positions requiring a degree beyond a HS diploma/GED will be required to provide transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable) by the posted closing date.

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Application Deadlines

  • All applicants must submit a completed Seminole State College online application and upload all supporting documentation including transcripts prior to 11:59 pm on the posted closing date.

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Receipt Acknowledgement

  • Applicants will receive an automated email response upon submission of the online application. 
  • HR Employment will contact applicants to provide missing transcripts or other required documentation once the posting closes. Applicants will not be eligible for interview until all required documentation has been received by HR Employment.

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Screening Committee

  • The screening committee should review the position description and establish screening criteria and submit a Screening Checklist (HR125) to HR prior to reviewing online applications for screening purposes.
  • Online application materials will  be available for screening committee review within 2 business days following the closing date.

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Position Announcements

  • Position announcements will include the following items:
    • Position title
    • Effective date
    • Supervising position
    • General description of position
    • Duties
    • Salary (see below)
    • Desired and required qualifications
    • Special notes and application requirements
    • Notice of reasonable accommodations
    • Application instructions and deadline

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Salary Information

  • Salary information for positions will be provided on internal and external announcements in accordance with these guidelines.
  • Salary information listed will be the minimum of the range for administrative, professional, technical, career service and part-time positions.
  • A salary range from the minimum to the doctorate level will be listed for faculty positions in accordance with Article 26 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
  • Exceptions or special requests for advertising salary or salary ranges must be specified prior to posting and must be supported by appropriate documentation. (Salary exceptions are reviewed by Human Resources and require approval by the President).


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