Employment Process Manual, Preparing for the Interview

Invitation for Interview

  • The chair will ensure that the applicants recommended for interview are contacted by telephone and invited for an interview.
  • The chair should send a letter to each applicant who accepts the invitation to confirm the date and time of the interview. (Sample letter - HR-135).

Job Requirements

  • The first step in planning an interview is a review of job content, including tasks, responsibilities and skills.
  • A review of the job description and other sources of information is needed to answer these questions:
    • What duties are performed on a daily basis?
    • What skills are required to perform the job?
    • What kind of background, experience and behavioral characteristics are needed to successfully perform the job?
  • After the requirements have been determined, the interviewer should gain an understanding of the work environment. In order to assess how well an applicant will fit in, the interviewer should be familiar with the overall operation and goals of the department and the college.


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