Employment Process Manual, The Interview Steps

Step 1

The EA/EO representative must be involved during the interview process.

  • The HR employment manager will advise committee members as to the appropriateness of interview questions.
Step 2

Prior to the interview, the chair will assign questions to each committee member to ask during the interview.

Step 3

The chair will escort the applicant into the interview, make introductions and commence the interview.

Step 4

Upon conclusion of all interviews, the committee typically recommends the three strongest applicants and forwards the recommendations to the appropriate administrator.

  • However, the committee may forward a recommendation that no applicants be interviewed for hire.
  • If fewer than three applicants are recommended as finalists, a written explanation to the hiring manager and the HR employment manager will be required.
Step 5

Each committee member and the chair should sign a letter stating the recommendation of the committee.

Step 6

The chair will retain the tally of voting and will advise committee members to retain records on how they voted and notes they have made during the interviews for a minimum of two years.

  • Notes must include detailed reasons as to why applicants are or are not selected.
  • This is particularly important with regard to veterans.
  • Although unlikely, there is a possibility that the College will need to produce a written tally of the voting by each committee member in accordance with the Public Records Act.
  • All notes are subject to subpoena.
  • The names of recommended applicants are unranked by the committee.
Step 7

After consultation with the president or vice president, as appropriate, the chair will call applicants selected for a second interview and will follow up with a letter to confirm the time and place of the interview.

Step 8

The chair will also call and/or write to applicants not selected for a second interview.


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