Employment Process Manual: Procedure for processing recommendation to hire

Hiring Manager/Dean/Director

  • Creates Job Offer in PeopleSoft TAM.
  • Approves Job Offer in PeopleSoft TAM and Submits for Next Level Approval (all full-time positions must have the approval of the vice president).
  • Completes a Reference Check (HR-210).

Human Resources Office

  • Determines regional accreditation for positions requiring a degree.
  • Determines if the candidate meets minimum requirements for the position.
  • Ensures foreign transcripts have been evaluated by an approved credentialing agency.
  • Verifies that the proposed salary is accurate (salary exceptions with supporting documentation are reviewed by Human Resources and require approval by the president).

Office of Finance and Budget

  • Verifies budget dollars.
  • Initials (Budget Analyst or alt.: Comptroller).

Human Resources Office

  • Reviews background check results.
  • Approves Job Offer in PeopleSoft TAM (Manager of Employment, Manager of Compensation or alt.: Associate Director, Employee Engagement).

Human Resources Office

  • Notifies the Hiring Manager that the candidate is clear for hire.
  • Extends offer (Manager of Employment or Associate Director, Employee Engagement).
  • Coordinates a start date with department if it is different from the recommendation.
  • Sends a confirmation letter (attaches benefits information, experience sheet, etc.).
  • Schedules the Benefits orientation (full-time only).

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