Screening Committee Chair New Hire Checklist

The Chair of the screening committee is responsible for ensuring that the following activities related to the selection process are completed:


Job Description (prior to advertising)

  • The hiring manager obtains the official position description from the Human Resources Department and updates it if necessary.
  • The hiring manager then e-mails the position description with updates highlighted in yellow to HR/Compensation, who will review and return it for final approval and signatures.
  • The signed position description gives the Human Resources Department authorization to advertise once the job requisition has been approved. This is also the official position description to be used by screening committees in the selection process.
  • For new positions or reclassification requests, email HR/Compensation  or call 407.708.2692.

Screening Committee Approval


  • Distribute copies of the Employment Process Manual or share portions of it with committee members.
  • Arrange for an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity representative (possibly the representative on the screening committee) and a member of the Human Resources staff to brief the committee chair on lawful inquiries, interviewing practices and College procedures prior to the first committee meeting. Complete and return the Screening Committee Checklist (HR-120).

Screening Criteria

  • The screening committee convenes to develop written guidelines, procedures and evaluative criteria to be used during the selection process. This should be completed prior to reviewing any applicant files.
  • All applicants for faculty, professional and administrative positions must complete a timed 45-minute writing sample on-site prior to the first on-site interview. The president or a designate must approve exceptions.

Paper Screening

Applicant Files

  • Screening committee members may review the applicant files beginning the Wednesday after the position closes.
  • Schedule a pick-up time and date with HR Employment Specialist, at 407.708.2641, or Employment Manager, at 407.708.2606, so they can make the applicant files available for check-out. 

Note: Applicant files cannot be released to the committee chair until Human Resources training has taken place.

Paper Screening Checklist

  • Develop a paper screening checklist using the position description as a reference point. See HR-125 for a sample paper screening form.
  • The paper screening checklist should be approved by the committee chair with a copy forwarded to the Human Resources Department prior to on-site or telephone interviews.

Select Applicants for Interview and Obtain Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Approval

  • The screening committee screens applications and selects applicants to be interviewed.
  • Keep a record of screening criteria and evaluation of applicants.
  • Extend veteran's preference when appropriate. The veteran's preference rule applies to administrative, professional, career service, staff and office support and technical positions at Seminole State College.
  • List the Career Service applicants selected for interviews on Career Service Applicant Form, HR-130A and non-Career Service applicants on HR-130.
  • The Equal Access/Equal Opportunity representative must review and approve the list before it is sent to the Human Resources Department and applicants are invited to interview.

Regrets Letters Sent to Applicants Not Selected for Interview

  • The Human Resources Department will send regrets letters to those applicants who were not selected for an interview.


Before the Interview

  • The committee chair provides committee members with a copy of the current job description, interview questions, applications, transcripts (if applicable) and resumes.

First Interview Confirmation

  • Invite applicants to the first interview.
  • Complete HR-135 to detail interview arrangements. This form may be edited as needed.
  • Send a copy of the invitation to each applicant.
  • Applicant Travel Reimbursement Request Form and IRS Form W-9 is then sent to those applicants who are eligible for reimbursement via e-mail, with confirmation from applicants that the information was received, read and understood. All travel reimbursement claims are to be mailed directly by applicants to the Human Resources Department for processing within 60 days of their on-site interview.
  • Copy the applicant files of individuals to be interviewed. For faculty positions, a telephone interview may precede the first on-site interview.

Telephone Interviews

  • Telephone interviews may be conducted for faculty positions.
  • Telephone interviews are used to narrow a pool of applicants and are not intended to replace the first or second on-site interview. Review the Employment Process Manual regarding telephone interviews.

Writing Samples

  • Administer writing sample exercise to each candidate prior to his/her first on-site interview. Telephone interviews are used to narrow a pool of applicants and are not intended to replace the first or second on-site interview. Review the Employment Process Manual regarding on-site writing samples.

Conduct the First On-Site Interviews

  • The screening committee chair and equity representative will ensure that on-site interviews are consistent with established Human Resources practices.
  • Structured interviews will be conducted by using open-ended job-related questions.
  • Each committee member will ask the same set of questions of each candidate.
  • Inquiries regarding arrest records or convictions should be avoided at the committee level.
  • Discussion regarding salary and benefits should be avoided at the committee level.
  • Promises of contract length or any employment guarantees should not be conveyed to candidates.

Voting/Selection for the Second Interview

  • Retain a tally of screening committee votes and advise the committee to retain notes and voting records for a minimum of two years in a confidential file.
  • Complete HR-150A for Career Service applicants or HR-150 for non-Career Service applicants to indicate the applicants that are recommended for second interviews by the screening committee or hiring manager.
  • The applicants selected should be listed in alphabetical order, not by rank.
  • Send the form to the hiring manager; send a copy of the form to the Human Resources Department. 
  • After consultation with the appropriate administrator, the committee chair or hiring manager invites selected candidates for a second interview.
  • The committee chair then calls and/or sends letters (HR-155) to the applicants who were initially interviewed, but not selected for a second interview, to thank them for their interest and time.
  • Do not discuss the reasons for not selecting the candidates. Refer inquiries of this nature to the staffing manager or director of the Human Resources and Employee Relations Departments.

Background Checks and Regrets Letters

  • The Human Resources Department will initiate background checks on those candidates who have accepted employment with Seminole State on their date of hire or soon thereafter. Employment is contingent until background results have been received and reviewed by the Human Resources Department.
  • The hiring manager or designate will call and/or send letters (HR-155) to those applicants who were interviewed a second time but not selected as finalists. This is usually done once an offer and acceptance has been received by the Human Resources Department.

Note: Background checks - Usually allow three to five business days for in-state searches, longer for out-of-state searches.

Confirmation and Notification Letters

  • Follow-up with written confirmation of interview arrangements to applicants who are selected for a second interview.
  • Ensure that they understand the travel reimbursement criteria for second interviews, if applicable.

Conduct Second Interviews

  • The hiring manager, the supervisor of the hiring manager and the chair of the screening committee usually conduct the second interviews.
  • The involvement of the screening committee chair is strongly recommended to ensure continuity throughout the process.

Selection: Hiring Manager

Reference Checks

  • The hiring manager conducts reference checks on the selected candidate and completes the Reference Checks Form (HR-210).
  • Reference check information is attached to recommendation paperwork and forwarded to to the appropriate dean/director.
  • Always attempt to contact previous supervisors and avoid friends, peers and relatives.

Recommendation to Hire

  • Complete the an online job offer in PeopleSoft TAM for full-time employees.
  • Forward the form with the Reference Checks (HR-210) and the candidate's application to the appropriate dean or director for approval.
  • If the recommended starting salary is above the minimum for the classification, attach supporting documentation for review and approval by the Human Resources Department and the President.

Post Selection: Human Resources


  • The Human Resources Department will extend an offer of employment verbally and send a confirmation letter with benefits information.
  • The benefits manager or a designate will schedule orientations for new hires.
  • The Records Department will enter data into PeopleSoft.

Human Resources Employment Representatives

If you have questions regarding the employment process, contact one of Seminole State's Human Resources Employment Representative by phone or e-mail.

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