Employee Relations Services

Employee Relations Services Include:

  • Work-related challenges related to attendance, working conditions, assignments, job performance or disciplinary matters
  • Communication difficulties and conflict resolution
  • Clarification of College policies and procedures
  • Training opportunities through the Learning Connection
  • Support through the Employee Assistance Program

Your Employee Relations Office Also Offers:

  • Role play for handling challenging issues
  • Assistance completing Human Resources forms
  • Assistance at any Seminole State location before, during and after regular working hours. For assistance, please contact Meribeth Colicci, Interim HR Director at 407-708-2606.

Performance Management Tools for Supervisors

Policies and Procedures

Code of Ethics


We respect your privacy and will do our best to maintain confidentiality at all times. Your identity and concerns will be protected to the maximum extent possible, taking into account overriding conditions such as safety, security, legal requirements or the ability to successfully resolve an issue. Your Employee Relations representative will keep you informed throughout the process.


Meribeth Colicci
Interim HR Director