Educational Opportunities

Faculty and staff can take advantage of a number of educational opportunities offered by Seminole State College.

Employee Educational Fee Waivers

Full-time employees who have worked full-time for at least six months may apply for a waiver of fees for one Seminole State course per term. Employees will need an initial Waiver of Fees request form. Directions for the Waiver of Fees Request form. Requirements are included as part of the request form. Request for waivers must be done and all signatures requested must be obtained prior to the beginning of the course.

Dependent Tuition Reimbursement

Spouses and/or dependent children of current full-time employees with at least six months of full-time employment at Seminole State, or surviving spouses/dependent children of employees who meet the eligibility requirements may apply. The refund is for approved Seminole State post-secondary educational fees up to 60 semester hours or their equivalent. Request forms are available at the Human Resources Office or online. For more details, visit the Policies and Procedures section of the website.

Staff and Program Development

Staff and Program Development provides opportunities for instructional, administrative, and career support staff to improve their professional and work-related competencies, work toward a degree in an approved and accredited program, or re-train to meet new institutional program objectives. For details, go to the SPD homepage.

Work Experience/Degree Credit - Full-Time Career Service Employees Only

  • Full-time career service employees may apply for a one-time base salary increase of $300 for each year of documented, position-related, full-time previous employment experience. A maximum of two years may be credited for salary purposes. Employees must obtain documentation of the required information requested on the verification form from previous employment other than Seminole State to apply for this benefit.
  • Full-time career service employees who have obtained an academic degree above the minimum education requirement for their current position may apply for a $300 base salary adjustment. Official transcripts certifying 60 academic credit hours, excluding physical education and college preparatory credits, will be accepted in lieu of an associate degree.

Work Experience/Degree Credit - Regular Full-Time Faculty Only

  • Regular faculty employees - a maximum seven years of verifiable educational experience may be credited for salary purposes. Employee must obtain supporting documentation.
  • Regular faculty can apply for a salary increase due to the receipt of an advanced degree (including master's plus classification) or its equivalent. The request form must be submitted and supporting documentation (official transcripts) included.
  • Regular faculty should also request a sealed transcript be mailed to them and hand-deliver it to HR.

Academic Transcripts Reminder

Every employee hired for a position requiring a degree as a minimum requirement must submit to the Office of Human Resources an official transcript from the institution in which the degree was obtained. Employees may request a sealed transcript be mailed to them and hand-deliver it to HR. If transcripts are mailed directly to Human Resources, please make sure to indicate the following address and request a confirmation, if possible:

Seminole State College of Florida
Human Resources Office
New Employee Documents
100 Weldon Blvd.
Sanford, FL 32773-6199

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