Honors Scholarships

The Grindle Honors Institute

Honors scholarships are awarded based on merit and disbursed on a term-by-term basis. To be eligible, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. They also must successfully complete three or more credit hours of honors course work (Honors Diploma and Honors Certificate students) or two semesters of Science Seminar (Science Diploma students).

Scholarships generally cover a percentage of students' tuition and/or book expenses. Honors students who receive other forms of financial aid are still eligible to apply.

Recipients must renew their award and meet with an honors advisor each term in order to continue receiving scholarship assistance from the Grindle Honors Institute.

Seminole State Scholarships

Additional funding opportunities are available through Seminole State College and the Foundation for Seminole State.

External Scholarships

Students are strongly encouraged to search the Internet; review national, regional and state honors collegiate council programs; check with employers and businesses; and speak with Seminole State's Honors Institute director to learn about other scholarship opportunities.

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