Seminole State College Network Account

This account is used by students and employees on a variety of systems such Canvas, Navigate, VerifyMyFAFSA, College email account, Handshake and campus computers/Wi-Fi login.

This is the default login credential to your Network Account:

  • Username: Your MySeminoleState username
  • Password:
    • The first initial of your first name CAPITALIZED     
    • The first initial of your last name lowercase
    • Your two-digit year of birth (YY)
    • Your two-digit month of birth (MM)
    • Your two-digit day of birth (DD)

Example: If your name is John Weldon and your birthday is March 1, 1988, your password would be Jw880301.

Changing your Network Account password

Please visit with the default credentials above and set up your security questions. You can reset your password via text message if you have a mobile number stored under your contact information in MySeminoleState. Once you update the password on the SSPR portal, it will take three minutes before the password is synchronized across all systems that use your Network Password. These systems are named at the top of this page.

Accessing your College email account

To log in to the College email account, please review the current login instructions for First-Time Users. Please keep in mind, if you have updated your Network Account password at the SSPR portal, you need to use that password instead of the default password. 

Employee and Student Network Account passwords are set to expire every 60 days. If you are off campus, you are able to update your Network Account by using the SSPR portal. If you are on campus, you can also change it by simply signing in to a College computer and selecting the “Change a Password” option under the CTRL+ALT+DELETE menu.


Phone: 407.708.2000 (ext. 2000 from a campus phone)