MySeminoleState Account

This account is used by students and employees to log in to the MySeminoleState portal, as well as internal applications such as SSAP, the Student Welcome, TeCO and the Sign-me-up calendar. 


For students, the account is created by the student after they have received their acceptance letter. The username is chosen by the student and will be used across all of the other College systems. Please choose an appropriate and professional username. 

For employees, the account is created automatically when you are hired. The default username is your last name and your first initial. Depending on the length of your last name and if there are other people with your name, it may be changed to fit within the username parameters.


Create a password of your choice using a minimum of eight (8) characters, must contain at least one (1) digit and contain at least one (1) special character. The allowable special characters are: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + \ | [ ] { } ; : / ? . > <

For account security, this password is set to expire every 90 days.

Reset Password

To reset the MySeminoleState password:

Go to MySeminoleState and select the “Sign In Help” tile. Once selected, please choose “Forgot Your MySSC Password” and follow the onscreen prompts. This will send a temporary password to your Seminole State email account, which can be accessed by using the User Instructions.

Change Security Questions

To change your security questions in MySeminoleState sign in and click the compass on the top right then click "Navigator". Scroll all the way down and select "My Profile Information". You can then change your forgotten password security question.


Phone: 407.708.2000 (ext. 2000 from a campus phone)