Creating a Policy Tab on Your Facebook Page

  1. If you are an administrator of a fan page, log into Facebook and continue to This link will take you to the official page for an application called "Static FBML." FBML is an add-on application that you will be installing on your fan page(s). It allows for HTML coding as well as Facebook markup language.
  2. Click the "Add to my Page" link (found under the main profile image).
  3. A pop-up prompt will display asking you which page(s) you want to install the application on. Locate the appropriate page name(s) on the list, and click "Add to Page" next to each one. Note: You must be an administrator of the page to install this application.
  4. After adding the FBML application, return to the affected fan page(s). Click "Edit Page" (found under your page's main profile image). A page directory will display that lists all of your available and installed applications.
  5. Scroll down to "FBML" and click "Edit." A page will open with two blank fields: "Box Title" (name of tab) and "FBML" (page content).
  6. In the "Box Title" field, type "Policy."
  7. Add Seminole State's official Facebook policy to the "FBML" content field. To do so, open the Terms and Policy text file, copy the contents, and paste them into the "FBML" box in Facebook. Note: The Terms and Policy text file contains HTML coding. This markup is required to style and format the page correctly.
  8. After pasting the text and HTML coding into the "FBML" box, click "Save Changes," and return to your fan page. You will find a new tab at the top, which will take users to the policy page you just created. Note: If your page already has several tabs, your "Policy" tab, and any other tabs you create in the future, may be hidden. Hidden tabs can be accessed by clicking the ">>" button in the tab bar.


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