Steps for Developing and Maintaining Web Pages

Please use the following guidelines when creating a Seminole State website.

  • Familiarize yourself with Seminole State's Computer Use Policy regarding Internet usage.
  • Review the QuickStart Guide to learn about absolute requirements and suggested styles for your Seminole State Web page.
  • Request site development using the User Access Request form in the TIM System.
  • If you are interested in developing online courses or course support materials, email eLearning, regarding the technical support and development tools that are available.
  • Develop your Web materials offline, verifying their content and functionality thoroughly before publishing documents to the server.
  • When your page/site is complete and ready for review, email WebSupport. After the review is complete, a link will be created from the Seminole State website to your home page.
  • Your website will expire six months from the date of publication. You will be notified as the expiration date approaches and instructed to review your page, following the guidelines established by Seminole State WebSupport. WebSupport should receive a completed Web Review Checklist within one month of your expiration date. Failure to confirm the review of your website will result in its expiration. Once a site expires, its link from the Seminole State website is deactivated.


Seminole State WebSupport