Short-Term Faculty-Led Trips

Faculty-led Trips

Instructional Design

These trips provide students with a unique opportunity to complete course requirements through travel and exploration. The number of students who can participate in each trip is limited, so if you are interested in going, apply early. Students selected for these trips are required to enroll in the associated course.

Start Saving Your Pennies and Join Us in 2020!

We are currently working on details for the following programs being offered for spring break and summer 2020.  Plan ahead, save your money and choose a destination and course that will take you to far reaches of the world, enhancing your educational experience at Seminole State College!

Note: we are aiming to keep programs fees as low as possible

Program fee covers airfare, accommodations, most meals, site visits, on-site transportation and international insurance. Tuition is not included in program fee.

*Financial Aid may be increased to help cover cost of program. Check with your financial aid advisor.

2020 Summer Destinations - Reduced Program Fees

Application due date extended: March 15, 2020; 
Non-refundable deposit due March 30, 2020; 
Balance due April 15

Scholarships are available through the Center for Global Engagement; Honors students may receive additional funding through the Honors Program (students should contact Aaron Hanlin)

Trip will take place during Summer Session A
*Financial Aid may be increased to help cover cost of program. Check with your financial aid advisor.

INR 2950 / THE 2930 / IDH 2950:
Temples, Testaments, and Transformations: Cambodia
(3 credits)

Taught by Professor Tracy Harbin, Political Science and Dean Michele Cuomo, Arts & Communications

Cambodia, a small nation situated between Vietnam and Thailand, has a rich and complex history. Once an empire with Hindu traditions, Cambodia has transformed many times over. During the rise of Angkor, it was a kingdom of temples and traditions rooted in arts and culture. As the empire fell, the transformation in the political system occurred as the dominate religion shifted to Buddhism. With looming threats, the country was colonized by the French for almost a century. Given its geopolitical location and the departure of the French, Cambodia got swept up in the dark days of the Vietnam War leading to an internal civil war and a mass genocide. With the loss of nearly 2 million people, the country also lost its traditions in music, dance, and theater. Today, Cambodia has a rising economy reviving its tradition in textiles and local wares and arts and culture while becoming a tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches and long-standing temples. Students, who join this course, will have the opportunity to learn about how the history, religion, and revived art forms intertwine to make Cambodia what it is today. Students can choose whether they want to take the theater appreciation track or focus more broadly on Cambodia in a globalized world.

Spring Break 2021 Destinations

REL 2930: World Religions in Spain and Morocco

Taught by Professor Bassem Chaaban

It is paramount in our diverse world that we are aware of the cultural differences and elements affecting different members of the global community.  As the global village gets smaller, it is more essential than ever to focus on a path of knowledge and dialogue to solve the ailments of our world. With this perspective in mind, the World Religions Class is offering an extraordinary adventure to the countries of Spain and Morocco to learn about the Interfaith History of these two great societies and how a golden age of coexistence and cooperation took place.  Explore the historical and cultural world of Spain and Morocco, visiting museums, mosques, churches and interacting with people of the two countries to learn about what once was and how we can learn from that experience for today.