Career Service Excellence Award

The Career Service Excellence Awards honor staff members who have continuously exceeded expectations and shown the utmost dedication to their position at the College. This monetary award funded by the Foundation for Seminole State College recognizes exemplary job performance as well as leadership abilities, interpersonal relationships and overall contributions to the College. These funds are made possible by the generous donations of our faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Nominations are accepted each fall, and candidates are reviewed by a College selection committee. For more information, visit the Human Resources website .

Career Service Excellence Award Recipients

  • 2019: Full-time: Arlene Gonzalez and Myrna Townsley / Part-time: Jemma Collins
  • 2018: Full-time: Lauren Bender and Rosemary Falk /
    Part-time: Jessica King
  • 2017: Dianne Eldred and Kimberly McKinnon
  • 2016: Renee Templeton
  • 2015: Jimmy McLaughlin, Orlando Carroll and James Bickham
  • 2014: James Henry and Shelley Herter
  • 2013: Derek Demeter and Leona Jones
  • 2012: Simoni Gannon
  • 2011: Lee Patrizzi and Beatriz Sanabrja
  • 2010: Debra Digioia and David Esworthy
  • 2009: Eve Hudson and Rhonda Thacker
  • 2008: Rosalie Hardy and Robin Parker
  • 2007: Ken Meadows and Kathryn "Kackie" Wilkins
  • 2006: Rene Butters and Ron Parker
  • 2005: Linda Cowels and Eve Grey
  • 2004: Molly Dykes, Anne Humphery and Beverly Sjoblom
  • 2003: Diana Dillon
  • 2002: Liz Lawson
  • 2001: Maureen Tremel and Elaine Iannelli
  • 2000: Jan Gerrity and Ed Langolf
  • 1999: Bill Jordan and Claudia Duncan


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1055 AAA Drive
Heathrow, FL 32746