Career Activities and Events

Connect and network with employers by attending career fairs, career panels for your major, job shadowing events, and transfer fairs!

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers many career-related events throughout the year. Some of their most important annual events include:

  • Career Fair: Meet and network with different employers and be exposed to potential job opportunities and/or internships. Dress to impress!
  • Career Panels: Panels comprise professionals from various industries and fields who will share their career paths, career opportunities with their organizations and advice on preparing for a successful career in a specified major. Each panel focuses on a specific major of study (business, health, education, etc.).
  • University Quest: Connect with representatives from Florida colleges and universities and learn about options for transferring to four-year institutions. More than 20 Florida institutions participate each year!
  • Onsite Recruiting: Recruiters representing different companies and organizations regularly visit the campus to discuss job opportunities and information with students.
  • Job Shadowing: Learn firsthand what it's like to work in an occupation related to your major! This is a short-term experience usually offered during school breaks (Winter Break, Spring Break).


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