Fire Academy Training Facilities

Fire Academy training facilities

Seminole State’s Fire Science Technology Program benefits from some of the finest training facilities in the state.

The program is part of the new, 59,000-square-foot Center for Public Safety on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. The Center, which opened in Fall 2009, houses the Criminal Justice, Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services programs under one roof, promoting the kind of collaboration among first responders that they will experience in the real world.

The $17.6 million Center includes smart classrooms and state-of-the-art simulation labs for all three programs.

Fire Science students have access to a $2 million fire simulation lab, which is actually two projects in one: the College's remodeled Burn Building and the new fire training lab.

The Burn Building was first built in 1978 and was remodeled to comply with current state requirements.

Fire Academy training facilities

The new two-story training lab — the first of its kind in Seminole County — features three rooms that were built with reinforced concrete and utilize propane, which is cleaner and makes the blazes controllable, and steel burners to create a realistic but safe environment for training firefighters. Two of the rooms — a kitchen and a bedroom — use props to re-create some of the challenges that a firefighter might face when responding to a home fire.

Students and area firefighters use the lab to perform live fire training under controlled conditions.

In addition to the simulation lab, Seminole State's Fire Science Program uses sophisticated training tools such as:

  • The quadprop, which can simulate four scenarios based on flammable liquids
  • A permanent car fire prop that includes a smoke machine
  • A fire maze, which mimics the tight, dark conditions firefighters face in tunnels and other narrow passageways

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