Faculty Funded Travel

During the 2017-18 academic year, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning funded travel for the following full-time faculty members and the director:

  • Lily Acajabon, Humanities
  • Michael Artiaga, Arts and Communication
  • Carissa Baker, English
  • Christopher Beehner, Business, Legal and Entrepreneurship
  • Dianna Campbell, Music
  • Doreen Collins, Psychology
  • Mary Colon, Biology
  • Nicole Copemann, Health Information Management
  • Laura Dickinson, Arts and Communication
  • Eden Donahou, Mathematics
  • Gerald Geile, Social Science
  • Ekaterina Goussakova, EAP
  • Tracy Harbin, Social Science
  • Richard Harmon, Theatre- Fine & Performing Arts
  • Connie Hudspeth, Arts and Communication
  • Barbara LeBranch, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Daniel Liguori, Communication
  • Jenny Middleton, Social Science
  • Albert Miranda, Business Administration
  • Ashley Navarro, Education
  • Carol Perezluha, Mathematics
  • Susan Reynolds, EAP
  • James Smisek, Music
  • Kerri Smith, Social Science
  • Debra Socci, Biology
  • Modupe Soremi, Social Science
  • Christine Tufts-Maher, Health Information Management

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