Adjunct Academy

Adjunct Academy provides an opportunity for faculty to participate in professional development activities.  Each session is designed with relevant topics and activities that can be used to enhance classroom instruction. 

This is a paid training for adjunct faculty.  Registration is required, and participants are expected to attend the entire session.

Spring Term 2018

Save the date for our upcoming Spring Academy.  The workshops are currently scheduled for the following three Saturdays: 1/20/2018, 2/17/2018 and 3/17/18 from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.  Descriptions and links to register on the SignMeUp calendar will be available soon.

Fall Term 2017

To stay connected with other attendees from the Fall 2017 Adjunct Academy, a contact list has been created.

September, 16 2017

Diversity in the Classroom
Diversity is about much more than race and ethnicity. During this session you will explore multiple dimensions of diversity that we may encounter throughout the college and particularly in the classroom. As part of this workshop, Robin Hofmann will guide you through an in-depth exploration of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to help you recognize this population and cultivate strategies for effective interaction.


Robin Hofmann Disability Support Services Specialist
Barbara LeBranch Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

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October 21, 2017

Aligning Course Objectives and Outcomes to Lessons
Articulating clear, concise and specific course objectives and outcomes are conducive to student learning. Likewise, aligning objectives and outcomes to course lessons are essential to student success. In this workshop, you will revisit the importance of course objectives and outcomes while exploring learning activities that tie them all together.

Speaker(s)Barbara LeBranch Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
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November 18, 2017

Supporting Students to Completion
College completion rates are essential to student success and institutional effectiveness. In this workshop you will identify and explore high impact practices that support student completion at the course and program level. Additionally, you will learn about college programs and services such as Destination Graduation that provide students with much needed support beyond the classroom.

Speaker(s)Saba Akram-Scales Assistant Director, Disability Support Services
Mauricio Garcia Assistant Director, Student Life
Jan Lloyd-Lesley Associate Vice President, Student Development
Ashley Maddox Student Retention and Completion Specialist
Jamie Spruell Assistant Director, Assessment, Testing
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