LGBT+ Safe Space Training

Training Schedule, 2021-22

Seminole State is offering LGBT+ Safe Space training remotely and face-to-face, meeting the schedules and preferences of employees continuing their skill development. 

The Fall 2021 session is scheduled for October 13 at the Oviedo campus.  SignMeUp information will be added to this website and communicated in College email.

At the recorded online session, participants review the learning outcomes for the session. Session panelists present “Symbols and Flags” related to the LGBT+ community, so participants become familiar with designs they might see on clothing, on vehicles, or as tattoos.

The next section is practical: preferred (and non-preferred) language and actions, as well as best practices when assisting students and others. Participants then develop an understanding of the coming-out process and relate it to their roles at the College. Finally, the session leader presents a scenario drawn from actual experiences at the College. Panelists individually note their suggested approaches and the session leader presents additional tips.

The training is supplemented by FAQs, Resources, College links, and an extended list of relevant terms with definitions that can be accessed online at the LGBT+ webpages.

Employees who complete the training may contact Briyanna Jenkins for a Statement of Commitment to consider.  Those who sign it will receive a laminated Safe Space placard for display at their workspace.

Equity and Diversity/Title IX, 8.1.19, 4.10.20, 6.16.20, updated 7.23.21


Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator